Spring feeder device FEG

The handling of the spring often causes a great challenge for workshops involved in assembly and installation work. Springs are supplied most of the time in bulk and are difficult to feed. Tasks like that can easily be carried out using the Afag FEG spring disentangling and feeding unit.


The springs agitate in a glass bowl by means of an air stream. The bowl holds up to 0.5 litre of springs and can be fitted with 1 to 6 outlets and are being fed through nozzles in nylon tubes. Depending on the shape of the springs a feed rate up to 60 pcs per minutes and outlet be obtained. The unit consists of the feeding bowl with the outlets, the control cabinet and a column support with a foot plate.


The feeding rate depends on the type and size of the spring. The feeding rate can only be calculated by tests with a volume of one litre of springs.


Spring diameter: d = 1.5 - 6 mm

Spring length: L = 1.5 - 6 x d

Spring feeder device FEG
  • Untangling and feeding of coil springs
  • Simple operation via mini controller
  • Reduces assembly costs