Production of variants in a 1.6-second cycle


  • Assembly and testing systems with the ability to accommodate different variants for the production of industrial switching technology 


The assembly and testing plant of the customer was designed for 3-shift operation. Due to the scheduled product life cycle of multiple years, the quality of the available feeding and handling technology had to meet high standards so that they could operate reliably and with great precision for many years.  


Feeding stations for small precision components.
In addition, Afag handling modules – namely pneumatic linear modules, compact slides, grippers and rotary modules as well as electric handling modules – in all active stations of the plant ensure the handling of components or the assembly progress of components. There are more than 30 different pneumatic and electric Afag handling modules – some of them are pick-and-place devices for simple Y and Z motion sequences or multi-axle handling systems for complex feeding, swivelling or gripping tasks.

Benefits according to customer

  • Reduced workload as a result of the supply of subsystems that are completely ready for use.
  • The quality of advice and the support throughout all stages of the project were outstanding.
  • Components that maintain their precision over a long period of time and feature a high degree of mechanical accuracy, total compatibility and a compact design
  • Great variety of different sizes and output levels thanks to the modular component design
  • Makes things easier in the following areas: design, procurement, setup, assembly and the spare parts warehouse