Handling systems from Afag - Standardized handling technology pick-and-place system

Linear axes, rotary axes, rotary modules and grippers with optional electric or pneumatic drives – all of these (and more) are solutions for automated processes that the handling technology segment of Afag offers. When they are combined with each other, the different modules form the basis of a standardized pick-and-place handling system. Afag offers more than 20 standardized handling systems that you can configure online. We will then optimize it and deliver your system as a Plug and Play solution. 

Are you looking for an automated and standardized solution for pick-and-place systems in the area of handling technology?  As a global, experienced and competent partner, we are looking forward to assisting you. 

Electric handling systems

Top speeds, extreme precision and long service lives – these are the features that distinguish the electric handling systems from Afag. And our electric handling technology can easily be combined with pneumatic components. 

Pneumatic handling systems

Our pneumatic handling technology stands out through its compact design. The pneumatic handling system is delivered completely wired and tubed, which means it is ready to go right away.

An overview of the advantages that Afag handling technology offers you

  • Top speeds combined with a consistently high precision – that is what truly sets apart the handling technology from Afag.
  • Lower costs and greater availability due to the standardized handling systems used in robot automation
  • Robust design and long service lives while delivering consistently high quality and precision that are just some of the features distinguishing our handling technology modules.
  • Short cycle times and a compact design of the handling systems thanks to highly dynamic linear axes. The single-cable technology includes the control of the drive as well as position monitoring via integrated hall sensors.
  • Modular flexibility makes the pick-and-place handling systems from Afag a great fit for many different applications.

Handling technology from Afag made simple

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Finding the optimal handling system with Afag PerfectCycle – the digital configurator

Pick-and-place handling systems, whose automated processes are designed for the fastest cycle times and top precision, are made possible by Afag PerfectCycle. With explicit and detailed product knowledge regarding the individual systems, module components and their handling technology characteristics, this online tool designs the perfect solution for your pick-and-place system. Afag PerfectCycle is an excellent digital assistant for finding a solution for the optimal design of your handling technology in the cycle.

Online, fast, reliable – optimally design your handling system with our Afag PerfectCycle tool! See for yourself!

Modular toolkit from Afag – a wide range of handling system variants

The modular toolkit of the Afag Group allows you to easily combine different module sizes. This allows the design of linear and rotary axes as well as the grippers of a pick-and-place robot – both with electric and pneumatic drives. You can find an overview of the different modules for the handling systems from Afag in the useful PDF version of our brochure.

Application example for handling systems & pick-and-place robots from Afag – custom industrial solutions for automated processes

Handling technology from Afag in the electronics industry

Reliability and precision – these USPs have convinced electronics industry customers that the handling technology from Afag is right for them. Thanks to our versatile handling system modules, the customer received variant-flexible assembly and testing systems for the production of industrial switching technology. The high quality of our handling systems optimally supports the long-term product life cycles of the customer.

Handling technology from Afag in the health care industry

The customer wanted the handling system to cover a large part of the workspace and also asked for automated processes that were as fast as possible. Afag fully met all of these requirements with a custom solution: the 7-axis EPS midi gantry XXYZZCC portal system. The result:  The cycle to close the containers takes a mere three seconds. 

Handling technology from Afag for the packaging industry

The handling technology from Afag allowed the customer to operate a combined packaging system – electric handling system with linear motor technology – for bars of chocolate. Each minute, 110 cardboard boxes are packaged with either 9 or 12 Ritter Sport brand bars of chocolate. In addition to flexibly switching formats with the push of a button, our handling systems convinced with a very quick cycle time and consistent precision.

Additional information on handling systems from Afag

Do you want to get all available information on the pick-and-place handling systems from Afag and access it offline as well? Here you will find all information on our handling technology in practical PDFs that you can download and print out. 

And we're also available to answer any process automation questions you may have. In addition to robot automation that takes advantage of our handling systems, we are also offering transfer systems, rotary table alternatives and other complex automation solutions – all according to the demands of each customer in each industry – that provide the best possible solution.