Top-drawer professional equipment for pick & place tasks

Specially developed for pick & place tasks, the electrical rotational axis SE30 is the perfect addition to our dynamic EPS handling systems thanks to its integrated attachment grid. The width of the SE30 is a compact 60 mm and the weight a mere 1.45 kg. What else can the SE30 do?


The swivel axis can be tailored to your requirements via two gear ratios (30:1 or 50:1). Axial press-in forces of up to 1,000 N are possible thanks to an extremely rigid bearing. At 16 Nm, the backlash-free gearing provides an extremely high repeat accuracy of +/- 0.0017°and a top rotation speed of up to 280 U/min.


The axis is unique, particularly due to its ability to rotate continuously and because it can be accurately set to any position. The rotational axis can be equipped with either a 2-fold or 4-fold air feed-through; these allow compressed air or a vacuum to be fed through during continuous rotation. Learn more