Sustainably optimising complex processes

Medical technology, foodstuffs, automotive or packaging – no matter what the industry, handling and transport technology are part and parcel of everyday business. A primary factor is to precisely, efficiently and correctly transport, handle and feed large, small and micro workpieces according to sector. Afag has a range of different systems on offer for users, all precisely configured to meet the requirements in question.

Factors such as speed, flexibility and reliable technology are decisive in terms of efficient production – not least when transporting and feeding components between the various production stages. Consequently, handling and feeding technology not only needs to deliver high performance, but must also precisely adapt to the requirements of the respective sector and components. In food production, medical technology or cosmetics manufacturing for instance, particularly stringent hygiene standards apply. Applications in clean room environments accordingly call for special feeding and handling technology. To this end, Afag also offers products to meet the requirements of DIN ISO clean room class 7, such as its comprehensive range of electrical handling components and systems for both single and multiple parts supply.

Handling technology users generally have an extremely broad selection of products available from Afag: handling systems, linear axes, rotational axes and grippers with the option of either electric or pneumatic drives. Naturally all these can also be optimally customised to meet individual requirements.

In many cases, the transport of small and micro parts can be a complicated undertaking. Above all, the current trend towards miniaturisation in the feeding technology sector with simultaneously higher functional integration represents a major challenge. Parts such as mini-zipper teeth, wire rings or electronic components have become increasingly smaller and more compact and also lighter over the years. Yet here too, Afag is readily able to offer commensurate solutions. Afag solutions and flexible feeding systems are ideal for feeding these components with the greatest possible efficiency.


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