New rotary gripper DG 20

For challenging pneumatic gripping and rotating tasks, we present to you the DG 20 rotary gripper. With a maximum payload of 3.5 kg cm2, the big brother of the DG 16 does not only prove that he is the bigger of the two, but also the stronger. Thanks to the 2 x 6 mm jaw stroke and 50 N clamping force, the DG 20 is also well-equipped to carry out precise and intricate gripping tasks.


If required, the DG 20 can even have a fixed stop mounted on it, which allows the rotary gripper jaws, to be moved up to 90° to the stop from both sides. However, the movement is not damped because the DG 20 has an air choke for fine adjustment. The setting of the angle of rotation is +/-3° in the 90° as well as the 180° rotating range.


Just like its sibling, the DG 20 can be installed both vertically and horizontally. With the DG 20, bothersome or loose-lying cables and hoses are not an issue. These are tidily stored inside and, with a variety of air connection options, the installation opportunities for customers are increased.


Their lithe and lissom build is typical for the DG brothers. They are the shortest rotary grippers in their performance class and are an optimal addition to the Afag handling kit.


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