New generation of belt hopper

With the IBB industrial belt hopper, Afag is launching a new generation of belt hopper on the market. The different variants, IBB3.5-IBB50, are designed for capacities of 3, 5, 6, 12, 25, and 50 liters. Depending on the variant, weights of up to 70 kg can be filled in them. 

Whenever the fill level of the feeder unit reaches a low level, parts are refilled automatically from the supply hopper. This ensures continuously that the feeding, weighing and counting process can function without the need for an operator, and that the right quantity of parts is being dispensed down the line at all times.

As the name states, industrial belt hoppers are operated with the help of a conveyor belt. As standard, the belt supplied is made of a water-repellent, black PU coating. Undesirable consequences of electrostatic discharges and damage to other electrical components in the system can be prevented by the industrial belt hopper because the conveyor belt is ESD-compatible which means that any static charges in the parts being conveyed can be discharged before they leave the hopper.  

Our new generation of belt hoppers features high-quality stainless steel hopper trays with adjustable front panels as well as adjustable tilting spouts. This flexibility means that IBB hoppers are always able to achieve the best dispensing result for your application.

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