Configurator optimized construction process

Afag includes two handling configurator solutions in its portfolio to enable users to configure individual modules and also independently assemble individual handling systems from the Afag product range to meet their specific requirements. Prospective customers can select from a broad range of standard modules in conjunction with the established Afag attachment grid – be it electrically or pneumatically driven or with linear motor, spindle or belt drive. Using the configurator, system designers and engineers benefit from scalable, highly reliable and successfully proven standard systems. This not only reduces design and assembly times, but also installation costs and throughput times, consequently lowering the capital commitment in relation to specialised engineering for complex systems.


The handling configurator for individual modules is easily accessed via the Afag homepage or app. The modular system comprises standard components including boom, portal and rotation axes as well as grippers. Users are able to choose from pneumatic or electric drive versions with linear motors, toothed belts or spindles.


The handling system configurator, which is also accessed via the homepage, enables users to select a suitable handling system and configure it with the CAD button to fulfil all of their requirements. A range of over 20 basic system layouts allows diverse systems to be individually configured and adapted to meet the respective situation. The manager guides users through the entire selection process and also takes various factors into account, such as energy management. A comprehensive selection of periphery devices including grippers, rotary modules and consoles round off the product range. Individual steps are illustrated in a 3D model, allowing users to intuitively design their system.  After generating the CAD model, a detailed PDF data sheet for the configured system is provided for download.

Afag specialists then inspect the design layout and promptly create an offer based on the specific customer requirements. The customer also receives a cycle time calculation for the system, including cycle time guarantee, which facilitates short project run times and a high degree of reliability. If the broad diversity of the standard system is still not sufficient, upon request the project planners will develop custom designs and create commensurate 3D models. Dedicated training with the configurator concludes the Afag service portfolio.