Afag lands in Music City Nashville, USA

While celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2016, Afag created even more reasons to cheer. A new North American center was opened in the fall of 2016. This location will serve as a center for sales, service, assembly, testing, and runoff of custom feeding and handling solutions.

The facility, while small for now, offers room for growth as sales opportunities in North America continue to blossom for the Swiss-German company.

Afag offers unique solutions in three primary areas of assembly equipment solutions: parts feeding, material handling, and material transfer.

Their products and solutions bring to the US market singular designs, and upgraded technology not seen before on a regular basis. The Afag brand vibratory bowl feeders feature polyamide bowls and patented drive technology that surpass sheet metal bowls when it comes to consistency, sound level, and precision. A milled polyamide bowl offers many benefits including reproducibility, and exacting performance. It also is easier on part finishes, and delicate parts that require a different touch for proper feeding. The patented drives offer much smoother operations and more easily move smaller parts quickly and reliably.

The Afag modular handling components offer tremendous value. Made to connect together, the pneumatic and electrically driven actuators significantly reduce soft costs like assembly and integration time. All while bringing with them a 24-month warranty after initial operation and a maximum of 27 months after delivery.

Swiss Precision. German Engineering. American Service. This is Afag.