Afag Automation AG moves!

The Swiss entity of Afag, Afag Automation AG, will be moving from Huttwil to its new location in Zell from 5th June 2021 to 15th June 2021.


After years of planning and preparation the organisation will move into a new building that was specifically tailored to Afag’s production and assembly operation needs. New building technologies were integrated in the concept. The digital transformation and respective work environment flexibility are a key requirement for the building. Numerous process, system interface and connectivity improvements are taken into consideration.


Product and services for industrial feeding, handling and transfer applications will remain a key activity for Afag in Zell. From 15th June 2021 on Afag Automation AG will be available at the following address:


Afag Automation AG

Luzernstrasse 32

CH-6144 Zell


All known email addresses and phone details remain unchanged. Afag Automation AG can still be contacted via +41 62 959 86 86 and salesafagcom.


Do not hesitate to contact us what concerns the new location and general Afag news; we are also available on LinkedIn!