Combined packaging plant for chocolate


  • Setting up cardboard sales trays and flexibly filling them with chocolate bars in a packaging plant


Every minute, 110 cardboard trays must be taken from the storage unit and filled with either 9 or 12 Ritter Sport minis. Each chocolate bar has the same basic surface area, but the thicknesses of the different types vary. In addition, there are up to three different formats and up to 15 filling variants to consider. Electrical handling systems with linear motor technology are preferred by the customer because of the many advantages they provide.


  • A 4-point station for setting up cardboard trays, consisting of an EPS maxi XZ handling system
  • A total of 16 stations with the EPS midi YZ handling systems for flexible filling with the different chocolate bars

Advantages according to the customer

The Afag electric handling systems equipped with linear motors deliver:

  • very high cycle times and great precision
  • flexibility (format changes at the touch of a button)
  • Process reliability because zero-maintenance
  • Functions are significantly easier to integrate than they are on pneumatic handling systems
  • Relieves workload levels associated with design and assembly