Flexible feeding technology from Afag for part feeding within the production process

Are you looking for a solution for the flexible and precise feeding of parts to the next production step? Then Afag is the right place for you! The outstanding expertise that characterizes our experienced employees allows them to find the right feeding and sorting technology solution for any application.  As a global, experienced and competent partner, we are looking forward to assisting you.


The flexible feeding technology from Afag combines short feeding system changeover times with the ability to work with a wide range of materials.

Your benefits when working with flexible feeding technology from Afag

  • High variant flexibility of the packaged goods being fed
  • Short changeover times within the feeding system
  • Active 2- or 3-dimensional manipulation of the conveyed material
  • A combination of in-house feeding technology components and electric handling systems forms the core components of the flexible feeding systems
  • Standardized vision and control concept as the basis of the flexible feeding technology
  • Unlimited reuse of Afag components within the flexible feeding system

How do flexible feeding systems work?

Within the flexible feeding system, the parts are conveyed from the hopper to the aflex or, alternatively, to the flip conveyor.

Based on our vibration technology, they are evenly distributed and made available for the vision system in the right position. Parts that can be gripped are detected by the vision system, picked up by the handling system and made available for follow-up processes.

Flexible feeding technology components from Afag

The flexible feeding technology components aflex qc and flip conveyor were developed for these complex requirements in the field of feeding technology for small and very small parts. They provide the highest level of flexibility for complex geometries and different batch sizes, and thereby increase production efficiency. Here is an overview of our flexible feeding technology components and their benefits:

  • Versatile uses of the component within a flexible feeding system
  • Simple installation and commissioning within the feeding technology
  • Short changeover times thanks to a quick-change system of the feeder sheet that does not require tools
  • Many integration options thanks to the modular concept and standard BUS interfaces

aflex 150 qc light + aflex 200 qc light

  • Each available with backlight red or white
  • "Only" vertical flipping (cost advantage)
  • Easier to operate (less parameters)
  • Light versions 1:1 interchangeable with aflex qc
  • Conveyor plates suitable for aflex qc and qc light models


aflex 400 lv

  • Available with BL white
  • Patented vibration force compensation
  • Special plates with separators possible
  • Vertical flipping

Overview aflex product family

Flip conveyor

  • Suitable for nearly all part geometries in the flexible feeding technology
  • Available with different transport belts for making the material for flexible feeding systems optimally available
  • Continuous adjustment of the operating parameters and internal drives for easier integration
  • Large image area, 24 V operating voltage and a quick-emptying option

Additional information on the flexible feeding technology from Afag

Do you want additional information on the flexible feeding technology solutions and components Afag offers and to be able to access it offline as well? Here you will find all of the information on our flexible feeding technology in a convenient PDF format that you can download and print out.
And we're also available to answer any process automation questions you may have. In addition to flexible feeding systems, we also offer handling systems, transfer systems, conventional and innovative feeding technology solutions and components as well as additional complex automation solutions in order to provide our customers in any industry with the best possible solutions to meet any of their demands.

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