LTS - Linear Transfer System

LTS stands for Linear Transfer System. The transport system is suitable for all common assembly and joining work. Also for processing from below. With workpiece carriers in sizes of 160, 200, 250, 320 and 400 mm, practically any system layout can be achieved.


The addition of manual or automatic stations is possible on the longitudinal and transverse tracks of the LTS. If required, cycle-independent workstations can also be set up along the transport system. Cycle time-critical work content is carried out simultaneously and individually supplied with workpiece carriers


The LTS is built from a modular system comprising standardized individual components such as transport tracks, workpiece carriers, infeed/outfeed lifting elements, deflection turns or positioning units. The modular design of all components facilitates practically any system configuration imaginable.


The LTS is:

  • maintenance-free
  • reliable
  • user-friendly and intuitively configurable
  • a durable, precise and fast solution

The LTS offers:

  • a long service life and safety in the production process
  • maximum user and conversion flexibility in system configuration
  • freely available CAD drawings for optimum integration in customer projects
  • on-schedule, short delivery times