Easily finding the optimal handling system

Afag has developed a practical online tool for calculating cycle times. With Afag PerfectCycle, users are not just able to save time during the projecting and design phases, but can also simultaneously validate and compare different systems.

Designers are always trying to find the perfect system for pick-and-place solutions, and they keep looking for new ways to get to the optimal solution even more quickly. Our brand new, cloud-based design software for electric handling systems can be an invaluable tool for them: Afag PerfectCycle greatly simplifies the required engineering tasks for users. You can use this free tool to calculate the optimal cycle for your applications at www.perfectcycle.afag.com and design the ideal handling solutions. It doesn't require an in-depth knowledge of our systems and components or their characteristics. 

Simply enter the application information, such as distance, payload and cycle time, and the program will automatically calculate a suitable solution. The software will display errors in the definition of the cycle and you can correct them right away. "Our cycle time calculation tool will revolutionize the design and planning of handling processes in production settings and provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage," said Jürgen Schädle, regional sales manager of the Afag Group.

You can find additional information on the Afag PerfectCycle tool here.