Application areas of new rotational axis

We have received a lot of positive feedback since we began offering the RA-40 rotational axis. Are you already among its satisfied users? No? Then take a look at the axis, its benefits and main application areas:


The RA-40 rotational axis permits endless rotations and the simultaneous control of an electric or pneumatic gripper. You will benefit from calculated minimal swivel times (including a swivel time guarantee). The RA-40's design allows it to grip parts from an undefined position, adjust it for the next assembly step and place it in a defined position. The axis is suitable for many different applications. For example, it is used for screwing on lids in the pharmaceutical or packaging industries. Where two stations had to be used in the past, this rotational axis can handle both the bounce process as well as the screw-on process. In addition, the axis provides a valuable service during the torque-controlled final inspection of assembly processes.


It is also an important tool during welding processes, e.g. the laser-welding of cylindrical components in the automotive and electrical industries. The precision of the axis is yet another advantage. It comes into play when the component is rotated free of play in front of a camera while inspecting surfaces. The rotational axis can also be used when coating or treating surfaces, for example during the plasma treatment of plastic parts, the labeling of building components or during greasing ahead of the joining process. Together with replaceable grippers, the simultaneous loading and unloading from receiving cavities can be achieved quickly and without idle stroke.


Have we piqued your interest about the RA-40 rotational axis?

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