SREH-50-IOL: Highly flexible with integrated controller and IO link


The SREH-50-IOL electric smart rotary module features an integrated controller. The simple wiring with just one connecting cable allows the user to easily integrate it into their system. The IO link technology
ensures the energy supply of the module and transmits the signals to the customer‘s PLC.

  • Integrated controller
  • IO link communications interface
  • Simple integration
  • Freely programmable
  • Integrated embedded technology

Intelligent ideas for smart applications

In recent years, Afag‘s research and development department has developed additional knowledge and set up an embedded technologies team. In this case, embedded technology means that a data processor embedded into the application assumes the function of a controller.


This technology is known as field programmable gate array (FPGA). It is based on a programmable logic block into which a logic circuit can be loaded. This allows high-precision rotations to be controlled. Thanks to the IO link, the simple wiring makes the integration into the user‘s system easier and saves space in the control cabinet.


This forward-looking investment is now paying: As the industry‘s impulse provider, Afag is redefining the world of automation with its SREH-50-IOL smart rotary module with integrated controller. The SREH-50-IOL is truly unique on the market and the first member of a new generation of Afag modules that will blaze a trail for many others to follow.

The first representative of a whole new generation of products

The SREH-50-IOL smart rotary module is a world’s first and the first member of a new generation of Afag products utilizing embedded technology. The component is equipped with an integrated controller and IO link interface (port class B), and it features a maximum communication speed of 230.4 kilobaud.


Even better: As no external controller is required, the user will benefit from more space in the control cabinet, less electrical planning and wiring work and the need for only one connecting cable to carry out both the voltage supply and signal exchange. All bus protocols are available via an external IO link master.


Thanks to its backlash-free gear, the 50 x 50 x 75 millimeter-SREH-50-IOL smart rotary module has a continuous holding torque and allows a repeat accuracy of ± 0.015 degrees. The rotary module is fast, freely programmable and also allows continuous rotation.

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