Blocco di controllo EDS standard/maxi

The valve block contains valves to control pneumatic drive units. Depending on requirements, 5/3-way or 5/2-way valves or vacuum units are used to control grippers and vacuum grippers.

Cables and tubes are guided to the gripper by means of a highly flexible tube. The large bend radius reduces the danger of cable break. Power strips in the gripper area also make it possible to connect peripheral equipment as desired.

Operating pressure: 4 … 7 bar
Valve spaces: 6
Collected exhaust air for clean rooms
Vacuum units
Vacuum switch

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Blocco di controllo EDS standard/maxi
  • Compact
  • Ready for use
  • Full warranty for complete system, including wiring and tubing
  • Exhaust air cartridge for vertical movement makes it possible to move the vertical module freely when extended. This makes setup and troubleshooting easier.