Solutions by Afag

Our technology and expertise for your automation solution.

Solutions by Afag round off the proven Afag feeding and handling technology for specific applications in your production or as a subsystem in your plant.

Our Afag Engineering team supports you competently and individually over the complete life cycle. From the beginning of the conceptual design and development of your subtasks or automation plans through manufacture to comprehensive and reliable after-sales support right up to decommissioning.

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Turnkey automation solutions

Sustainable. Cost-effective. Competitive.

Our turnkey automation solutions ensure you stay ahead in terms of sustainability, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness. Our strengths in feeding and handling plus the solutions from our application kit enable us to develop tailor-made systems for your tasks. We integrate proven processes such as assembly, joining, vision/quality assurance or marking.

Modular feeding system

Modular. Standardized. Proven.

Configurable feeding system from a wide range of modules.


  • Configurable
  • Modular
  • Standardized
  • Expandable


Developed and combined from proven modules specifically for your requirements and needs.

Flexible feeding solutions

From components to complete solutions.

Flexible feeding solutions enable short changeover times on the system when processing a wide variety of materials. For even greater flexibility.


  • Different products using one system
  • Quick changeover of the system depending on the product
  • Easy learning of new products
  • Option for checking and sorting the products

Based on your needs, our tailor-made systems – from the component to the complete solution – are available.


aflex compact system

The standardized pick & place application.

The aflex compact system is an efficient solution for providing smaller parts in any desired position. It features:


  • Easy integration due to open architecture
  • Easy expansion to a diverse range of products
  • Simple operation
  • Compact design

Basic system

Feeding. Separating. Detecting.

The entry-level system for flexible feeding.


  • Easy integration
  • Simple operation
  • Easy expansion to a diverse range of products
  • Signal transfer via XY position interface


A fully functional flexible feeding system.

Injection molding automation solution

Feeding. Positioning. Provisioning.

Our application kit for everything to do with injection molding offers system solutions that are individually tailored to your application.

You get a head start in speed, reliability and machine autonomy.

We develop solutions for assembly and component testing to the feeding, positioning and provision of the individual inserts/in-mold parts.


  • Reliable and fast provision of the inserts/in-mold parts by means of loading plate
  • Feeding of inserts via conveyor bowls, Flexible feeding or magazine feeders
  • Pick & place by means of handling system or robot
  • Siemens or Beckhoff system controllers
  • Optional component inspections using high-resolution vision systems

Engineering services

Your competent partner.

Service overview:

  • Layout planning, conceptual design and project management
  • Mechanical design and software development for machines, production and assembly facilities
  • Smart engineering applications (digital twin, trajectory/curve calculation, FEM)
  • Documentation (risk analysis, FMEA, operating manual, parts lists, circuit diagram, fluid diagram, CE declaration)

We know what you're about.

Our solutions can bring much more movement into your operational processes. By using the latest technologies, we guarantee your economic success and increase your agility and speed of innovation.


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