Linear Transport Module (LTM)

A fast-cycling transport module for the linear transport of workpieces

The Linear Transport Module – or LTM – is a fast-cycling transport module with permanently installed workpiece carrier plates. Depending on the demand of the workstations that have been added, the transport system from Afag allows a high machine output. The time required for the linear transport of the workpiece carriers is reduced to a minimum. The Linear Transport Module can be used as a stand-alone linear cycle system or in combination with an assembly system, such as a rotary indexing table. 

Are you looking for a transport system for the linear transport of workpieces? We will gladly work by your side as an experienced and competent partner! The expertise of our linear transport technicians will convince you.

Your benefits when using the Linear Transport Module as a linear assembly module

The Linear Transport Module from Afag is characterised by its compact design, speed, precision and flexibility. The combination of these features provides you with a linear transport that offers the following advantages:

  • Extremely short change times of the workpiece carrier in the transport system, which reduces the infeed time to a minimum. 
  • Flexible cycle step lengths due to the servo drive installed in the transport module. 
  • Type changes at the push of a button, which means the user does not have to perform any mechanical conversions.
  • High precision for an efficient repeat accuracy.
  • Flexible sizes due to two workpiece carrier types with a different width.
  • Good accessibility thanks to the linear design of the stations within the linear assembly system.
  • Slim design caused by the small footprint of the Linear Transport Module.
  • Open engine interfaces to be able to install standard drives according to customer requests.
  • Short delivery times of the Linear Transport Module (12 weeks from when the order is received).
  • No fixed running direction of the linear transport, which means the transport modules can also be operated in reverse. 
  • Customer-specific machining
Linear Transport Modul Vertikal von Afag

Linear Transport Module vertical (LTM-V)

The LTM-V is characterised by flexible infeed lengths, high payloads, two standard workpiece carrier widths and a very good price/performance ratio. Learn more about the Linear Transport Module vertical here!

Linear Transport Modul Horizontal von Afag

Linear Transport Module horizontal (LTM-H)

The Linear Transport Module horizontal offers different benefits because the workpiece carriers can be machined from above, below and the side. Learn more about the LTM-H, the rotary indexing table alternative from Afag!

Additional information on the Linear Transport Modules from Afag

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Linear Transport Modules. In addition to Linear Transport Modules, we also offer handling systems, feeding technology solutions and other complex automation solutions – all according to the demands of each customer in each industry – that provide the best possible solution. 

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