Afag Transport Solutions

Easy processes with Afag transfer systems

The Afag Linear Transfer System, or LTS  is a transfer system suitable for all common assembly and joining work as well as for any type of machining from above or below. Expanding the system with automated stations is easy – both along the longitudinal and transverse tracks. If necessary, cycle-independent workstations can also be added to the linear conveyor system. The Linear Transfer System from Afag also allows work steps critical to the cycle times to be carried out on parallel tracks or different levels. The individual machining of the workpieces on the workpiece carriers by means of direction changes and lifting elements is also possible. 

Based on a modular system with different standardized individual components, the Linear Transfer System offers a high design flexibility. Because it can be optimally adapted to the conditions and the requirements of your plant, it is a workpiece carrier system that allows you to design practically any plant configuration for your assembly work.

Are you looking for an automated solution for the linear transfer of workpieces? Then get in touch with us! Allow our experienced product specialists and sales team members to offer you a Linear Transfer System that perfectly meets your needs.

The Linear Transport Module, or LTM is a fast-cycling transport module with permanently installed workpiece carrier plates. Depending on the demand of the workstations that have been added, the transport system from Afag allows a high machine output. The time required for the linear transport of the workpiece carriers is reduced to a minimum. The Linear Transport Module can be used as a stand-alone linear cycle system or in combination with an assembly system, such as a rotary indexing table. 

Are you looking for a transport system for the linear transport of workpieces? We will gladly work by your side as an experienced and competent partner! The expertise of our linear transport technicians will convince you.



Afag LTS - Your Benefits

  • The Linear Transfer System is characterized by a long service life and production process security
  • A conveyor system with maximum user and conversion flexibility when it comes to the configuration of the plant 
  • Freely available CAD drawing for the optimal integration of the Linear Transfer System in customer projects
  • The modular system ensures short delivery times and a good price/performance ratio
  • Very simple installation and commissioning of the linear workpiece carrier system thanks to optimal availability on site: All components are pre-assembled. 

Afag LTM-V - Your Benefits

  • Extremely short infeed time (up to 180 cycles/min)
  • Flexible infeed lengths
  • Product changeover at the touch of a button, and without mechanical adjustment
  • Repeat accuracy of up to ± 0.1 mm in running direction
  • Flexible sizes

Afag LTM-H - Your Benefits

  • Horizontal, hanging, lateral and frontal workpiece machining possible
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • High process density with minimal space requirements possible
  • Repeat accuracy of up to ± 0.05 mm
  • Excellent accessibility to the stations