Afag Transport Solutions

Afag has sold the Transport Systems business unit with the Linear Transfer System (LTS) and Linear Transport Module (LTM) product groups to ID: Industrial Dynamics GmbH from Lößnitz, Germany, effective April 01, 2023. Through the sale, we will further sharpen our strategic focus and concentrate on our core competencies "Handling" and "Feeding" for assembly automation and further expand our Smart product range with integrated embedded technology.


With the company ID: Industrial Dynamics GmbH, headquartered in Germany, we have found the best possible partner who will continue and further develop both product groups LTS and LTM in a reliable and trustworthy manner.


ID: Industrial Dynamics GmbH was previously an LTS customer itself and already has a great deal of know-how in this area. The ID: team brings many years of experience in the fields of automation, development and construction of production lines, as well as process development, and can use this knowledge perfectly for both product groups LTS and LTM. Starting with mechanical and electrical design, software development and implementation, manufacturing and installation of equipment, up to service and maintenance, ID: can cover all areas. With its own mechanical production and an existing internal and external sales force, ID: perfectly rounds off the requirement profile.


Afag Automation and ID: Industrial Dynamics will work closely together to ensure a smooth transition phase. As a result, quotation processing and orders will continue to be handled in an absolutely customer-oriented manner.


Important to know:

  • Afag no longer builds transport systems or components for transport technology.
  • Requests for new projects and/or spare parts can now be sent to the following mail address: kontaktidmotionde
  • There are no changes to the article numbers. This means that you can request and obtain assemblies or spare parts under the old familiar Afag article numbers from ID: Industrial Dynamics GmbH.
  • For more information about transporting, please visit the id: MOTION page of ID: Industrial Dynamics GmbH.


If you have any questions, please contact:



We are looking forward to a continued good cooperation.


Your Afag Team