• Table plate
  • Basic elements
  • Lagging parts
  • Machine feet

Table plate

The table plate is screwed tight on the tubular steel frame. The required recesses for cables and tubes are carried out according to the customer requirements.


Basic elements

The basic elements consist of a welded tubular steel frame which is placed on adjustable machine feet and is cladded with lagging parts. The standardized basic elements can be extended at will. Table plate and basic elements together form a flexible and robust gantry system.


Lagging parts

The lagging parts with quick-release coupling ensure easy access to the drive and control elements.


Machine feet

The machine feet can be screwed in and out for adjustment of the assembly platform.


Configuration options:

  • Width 1100mm, Length 1700mm
  • Width 1100mm, Length 2300mm
  • Width 1100mm, Length 2900mm
  • Width 1100mm, Length 3500mm
  • Width 1100mm, Length 4100mm
  • Width 1100mm, Length 4700mm


CAD data (Step) Table plates


CAD data (Step) Basic elements