Linear Transport Module

The dimensions of the linear transport module are according to the mounting parts to be transported. They determine the working length as well as the width of the workpiece carriers. There are two workpiece carrier widths available: 100 mm or 180 mm. The LTM length is defined by the installation of middle modules.


  • Extremely short workpiece carrier change times up to 0,1 – 0,5 seconds/cycle
  • Flexible cycle step lengths
  • Product change at the push of a button, no mechanical adjustment
  • Repeatablity of ± 0,1 mm
  • Flexible sizes


A complete Linear Transport Module consists of the following parts:

  • Drive module
  • Deflection module
  • Up to 5 middle module
  • Afag drive package
  • SE-Power servo controller
    Linear Transport Module

    The LTM is a rapidly cycling linear transport module with fixed workpiece carrier plates that permits high machine outputs depending on the design of the Pick & Place stations. The transition times for workpiece carrier transport is reduced to a minimum.