Setting up folded boxes


  • Processing of differently sized folded boxes
  • Throughput of 80 units/minute based on the output of a type VCL 180 S vertical cartoner


Simultaneously pick up, perform two swivelling or twisting motions (90° each) and put down folding boxes that arrive in a standing position and are then placed onto the removal conveyor in the correct (transverse horizontal) position and transported to the final packaging line.  The option of being able to program different product-specific movement profiles corresponding to the flexibility of the plant and to select them at any time if needed was supposed to be included.


A creative combination of electric handling modules for an X-Z-B-C handling system (in accordance with the axis definition DIN 66217).
It uses the underlying standardised components:

  • 1 x linear motor-powered portal axis (X-axis)
  • 1 x linear motor-powered linear axis (Z-axis)
  • 1 x electrically powered rotational axis (B-axis)
  • 1 x electrically powered rotational axis (C-axis)


Benefits according to customer

  • The systems perform very well and, most importantly, they are reliable
  • Flexibility that meets the requirements
  • Simple maintenance and service
  • Small footprint and low costs compared to robots
  • Quality and quick response from Afag
  • Design that is ready to install and use, including a controller with motor cable and plug set as well as various accessories