Pre- and post-tightening of lids


  • Handling systems screw lids onto 2,000 containers per hour in a rotary transfer machine


A cleanroom-compatible lid-tightening solution for two fast pick-and-place handling systems that was supposed to put lids on between 1,500 and 2,000 containers per hour. 
The first handling system should grab a lid, move down, place the lid on the waiting container and screw it on.  It was then supposed to move back to its starting position to grab a new lid while the next container is already being moved into place. After the container with the pre-tightened lid is moved to the post-tightening station, the second handling system should screw on the lid with the proper torque. 


The following two handling systems were used as the perfect combination of fast, electric handling components:  

EPS maxi ZC:

EPS mini ZC:


Advantages according to the customer 

  • Proven handling systems and components that continue to work reliably even after ten years of use
  • Smooth project execution and very good support
  • Short delivery times for sophisticated systems