Smart system planning with Afag PerfectCycle

Optimally design your handling system

When you combine different Afag handling modules, you get a handling system. But which system should be used to meet your requirements? Isn't it a complicated process to identify and design the perfect handling system?

It is ... in theory. But when using our new Afag PerfectCycle online engineering tool, you only have to enter your user data, such as distance, payload and cycles per minute, to receive potential solutions right away.

Afag PerfectCycle is the quickest way to find reliable handling system designs!

Advantages when designing pick-and-place systems with Afag PerfectCycle

  • Independent validations and comparisons between different system variants are possible even during the design phase.
  • Feasibility analyses of cycle times are available 24/7, regardless of the end device that is being used.
  • The design only requires the user data of the customer (no special knowledge of Afag products is required).
  • Templates for different standard "pick-and-place" cycles are available. However, it is also possible to store custom cycles.
  • The entire Afag product portfolio is evaluated in the background and the user automatically receives a proposed system that meets all of their requirements. Using a filter, the right handling system can be selected among these validated potential solutions.
  • Inquiries regarding the proposed systems can be sent straight from Afag PerfectCycle. Our sales team will then get in touch immediately with the right proposal.

What information on your perfect custom system does Afag PerfectCycle supply?

  • Installed linear axes
  • Capacity of the individual axes
  • Moved masses per axis
  • Weight force balance via MagSpring
  • Energy cost calculation
  • Interactive diagrams for the kinetic parameters: Path, speed, acceleration as well as force, which illustrate the entire movement as a profile
  • Tabular illustration of the cycle, which is optimized for the target time
  • Schematic animation of the cycle

Use interactive support to find the perfect handling system

Feel like you aren't enough of an expert to design a system online? Don't worry, Afag PerfectCycle offers interactive tools to provide live support during onboarding and the operation of the system. You will receive feedback as you are guided through the process. You will get status updates as you provide more information. If you have questions, you can generate a ticket or you can contact us directly at +49 7422 56003-12.

Start designing your perfect handling system today and take advantage of the speed and efficiency of our Afag PerfectCycle online tool!