Feeding technology from Afag - Automated feeding and sorting technologies for various industries.

As a leading specialist in work with small and micro parts, Afag offers a unique portfolio of innovative and high-quality feeding components which are the foundations of the high-end feeding systems.  Our offerings range from proven vibratory feeders, refilling devices, and control units to highly innovative flexible feeding technology components and solutions. What is unique about our feeding technology is that we use the worldwide patented vibration force compensation.

In our technology, counter-vibration mass compensates vibration of the drive. Residual vibrations are thus already compensated for in the drive. We utilize highly accurate, reproducible drive connections on the substructure since our resulting connection of the drives to the substructure is performed without rubber buffers.  We offer our patented feeding technology with our standardized Chrome Line accessories, and we will also be happy to design custom drives to meet your individual needs.

Are you looking for a standardized feeding system? Or do you need a specific feeder that is tailor-made to the needs of your industry? We are happy to be here for you as a globally active, experienced, and competent partner!

Feeding technology from Afag - Simply explained

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What are the Afag advantages?

Our feeding technology is special with its patented vibration force compensation. Thus our feeding systems have the following benefits for you:

  • No Cross-Talk - The Afag vibratory drive is characterized by the patented reaction force compensation. In this way, the feed system compensates for the vibration forces in the drive unit. It helps avoid both the transmission of vibrations to the surrounding area, environment and several drives' mutual interference (Cross-Talk)
  • Reduced costs and delivery times
  • Highest precision of the feeds at the interfaces with minimum gap dimensions
  • High availability of the entire feeding system
  • Standardized feeding technology in a modular system consisting of feeding technology components and station layouts that can be adapted exactly to customer requirements
  • Well-thought-out module variety makes the feeding technology by Afag practical for various applications

Our Afag feeding technology solutions

Are you looking for a solution to properly feed parts to the next stage of production? Then you have come to the right place! We at Afag can design the right solution in feeding technology for almost every part of geometry.

Our technology is based on two pillars. On the one hand, we use a 3D-CAD-based design as a basis for milling our polyamide, aluminum, and stainless steel bowls, ensuring complete reproducibility. On the other hand, our vibratory feeders are supplemented with a unique and incomparable system of vibration force compensation. The vibration in our drives is compensated by a counter-vibration mass. Interference vibrations in the working environment of the feeding systems are thus reduced to a minimum. This principle, unique in feeding technology and patented worldwide, is only available from Afag.

Feeding technology solution - Feeding with our CAD/CAM system

Our feeders as CAD/CAM-based solutions stand out with their maximum system availability and complete reproducibility. Learn more about our feeding technology CAD/CAM- solution.

Feeding technology solution - Feeding with our cleanroom system

Our cleanroom feeding solutions set the design standard in the medical industry by ensuring easy cleaning. You can find more information about our cleanroom solution here.

Feeding technology solution - Flexible feeders

Many variants, short changeover times, and the unrestricted reusability of the feeding technology components make Afag flexible feeding systems special. Learn more about the advantages of our flexible feeding technology

Feeding technology solution - untangling systems

We offer you untangling solutionsfor effective feeding and sorting technology. Our Afag portfolio includes drum feeders, spring feeders, and spring detanglers, like the FEG. Learn more about our disentangling systems in feeding technology

Our Afag feeding technology components

Our high-end feeding systems employ field-proven components as the basic building blocks. Plant manufacturers and system integrators regularly rely on our feeding technology components especially appreciating our flexibility, high quality, and reliability. Our portfolio for feeding technology ranges from standard bowl feeders, proven vibratory drives, refilling devices, and control units to highly innovative, flexible feeding components. 

Feeding technology components - linear conveyor

Afag linear conveyors serve, in addition to many other functions, as an interface between the equipment used in sorting technology and the downstream supply units in feeding technology. Find here. Get our portfolio of linear conveyors

Feeding technology components - Bowl feeder

Afag round drives are known worldwide for their excellent high availability, very high longevity, conveying capacity during the feeding operation, and their patented innovative character. Learn more about our portfolio of bowl feeders

Feeding technology components - refilling devices

The Afag refilling devices are used as additional devices for bulk storage and dosing of parts in the feeding system. These components support a powerful and reliable feeding process at feeders with reduced refill intervals. Here you can see our portfolio of refill devices

Feeding technology components - control units

The control components by Afag ensure the best possible coordination and control in the feeding technology for the separation and supply of components. Here you can see our portfolio of control units by Afag

Feeding technology components - Flexible feeding components

The flexible components aflex qc and Flipband were created for complex flexible feeding technology in the separation and supply of small and micro parts. Read more about the advantages of our flexible feeding technology components

Feeding technology components - tools

To ensure that the components of our feeding technology are set up correctly so that you get a solution for your feeding systems with the highest performance and accuracy, you should optimally set up the components of our feeding technology. And here you can use our special diagnostic tools.  Read more about our Afag diagnostic tools

Application example for feeding in the field of automation by Afag - individual industry solutions for automated processes.

Feeding technology by Afag in the automotive industry

An automotive supplier's customer needed a feeding system that would provide more than 400 automotive fuses for further processing in a matter of minutes. Afag's engineers developed a customer-specific solution - a tailor-made solution for feeding technology in the automotive sector. We were able to fulfill all customer needs with seven interconnected feeding stations in one system. A total of 455 parts per minute were thus conveyed to their feed destination and made available at the feed destination position. Read more.

Feeding technology by Afag in the electrical industry

The customer's requirements for the feeding technology were durability, precision, and reliability. We fulfilled these requirements with the help of several designed feeding stations for small precision components. Afag systems offer ease of operation, durable precision components, and a large selection of modules. Find out everything about our application example for feeding technology in the electrical industry.

Feeding technology by Afag in the health care industry

Our customer needed a feeding solution in the production process of Covid-19 test units. We constructed a special solution with an extremely fast response time: production, testing, and delivery of our feeding technology were implemented within less than three weeks from receipt of order. We demonstrated not only our strong, international, and focused cooperation with the customer, but also the technical know-how of Afag engineers. Read more information about the fast and competently designed feeding technology in the health care sector.

Our service to the feeding technology by Afag

You will receive the following service offer for our feeding technology:

  • Drive technology basic training as well as hands-on workshops on drives and applications
  • Maintenance, spare and wear parts service
  • Diagnostics with the innovative laboratory measuring device QRG1
  • Controlled series production with quality assurance through drive check and documentation of relevant, drive-specific characteristic values

More information about the feeding technology by Afag

Would you like to have all further information about the solutions and components of the feeding technology of Afag available at a glance also offline? Here you will find all the information about our feeding in a practical PDF format to download and print.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of feeding technology. In addition to the proven precision feeders, we also offer a complete portfolio of fast and precise handling system, transfer systems, rotary indexing table alternatives, and other complex automation solutions - tailored to the highest standards for each of our customers and with the claim to provide the best possible solution in every industry.