World's first: The SREH-50-IOL smart rotary module

Automation technology specialist Afag will be presenting its smart solutions for feeding, handling and transporting at Automatica 2022, the world's leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics (June 21 to 24, Munich). One of the highlights at booth 328 in Hall A6 is a world's first: The SREH-50-IOL smart rotary module, which features an integrated controller that is controlled via an IO link. This saves the user space in the control cabinet.


The SREH-50-IOL smart rotary module is a world’s first and the first member of a new generation of Afag products utilizing embedded technology. The component is equipped with an integrated controller and IO link interface(port class B), and it features a maximum communication speed of 230.4 kilobaud. Even better: As no external controller is required, the user will benefit from more space in the control cabinet, less electrical planning and wiring work and the need for only one connecting cable to carry out both the voltage supply and signal exchange. All bus protocols are available via an external IO link master. Thanks to its backlash-free gear, the 50 x 50 x 75 millimeter-SREH-50-IOL smart rotary module has a continuous holding torque and allows a repeat accuracy of ± 0.015 degrees. The rotary module is fast, freely programmable and also allows continuous rotation.


Another highlight that will be presented in Munich is Afag's multi-track feeder (MTF) concept study. This system allows users to feed a large number of correctly positioned parts on multiple linear conveyors. Thanks to the space-saving ALVA drive, the MTF is very compact and allows feeding even across large distances. In addition, the MTF features a quick-change system that allows users to operate different linear conveyors without interrupting operations, for example in the case of different part types. The system can be adapted and expanded based on customer requirements. The automatic ejection of bad parts and a part return mechanism are available as well.


In the form of the aflex 400 lv, Afag will also showcase the largest representative of its proven, flexible feeding component.  Like its smaller siblings, the 400 series features a feeder sheet that can be changed quickly without the use of tools. In this case, it measures 450 x 370 millimeters, is made from one piece and consists of an FDA-certified POM material. As a consequence the aflex can also be used for many applications with high hygiene requirements, such as those in the medical technology sector or the cosmetics industry. With its innovative vibration conveyor, the aflex 400 reliably separates small parts and very small parts with a maximum size of 100 millimeters and a maximum weight of 150 gram on the entire feeder sheet and makes them available for subsequent processes. Users can quickly and easily integrate the feeding component into existing systems. In addition, it can be equipped with a part recognition camera, an electric Cartesian Afag handling system or a robot for parts handling.


At the booth, visitors can also take a look at Afag's updated unit for disentangling springs (FEG). Following this update, the Smart FEG now comes with an integrated compact control system. Using an intuitive unit on the integrated touchpad, users can easily access all device settings and functions. Optionally, ring sensors for detecting the filling levels of the tubes can also be managed directly from the compact control system. One proven option that has been retained is that users of the Smart FEG can choose from between one to six tube outlets for untangled springs.


Afag at Automatica 2022: Hall A6, Booth 328