Transport module for fast assembly processes

In the form of its fast-cycling Linear Transport Module (LTM) , Afag is marketing a space-saving solution that offers peak machinery performance in the transport segment. The LTM enables the operation, for example, of standard pick and place applications, press-in processes, screwing work and many other applications.

Permanently installed workpiece carrier plates reduce the workpiece carrier transport time to a minimum and increase part output. Depending on the weight of the workpiece carrier and the length of the cycle, workpiece carrier changeover times of 0.1 – 0.5 seconds per cycle can be achieved. The resulting repeat accuracy is precisely ± 0.05 mm.

But is it possible to produce multiple types using an LTM with permanently installed workpiece carriers? It certainly is, simply by alternately feeding the workpiece carriers with different workpiece types. As a consequence, type changes do not require mechanical conversions and processes are not interrupted. Type change occurs virtually at the push of a button.

Workpiece carrier plates are driven by a toothed belt. Tensioning of the toothed belt is also extremely straightforward. The set pre-tensioning avoids having to re-tension the belt and therefore averts lengthy downtime. In a clean workshop environment the LTM requires no maintenance whatsoever.

The streamlined linear design of the transport module provides excellent accessibility. Module dimensions are commensurately based on the assembly parts to be transported, which determine the functional length and also the width of the workpiece carriers. Available carrier widths are 100 mm and 180 mm. Custom workpiece carrier widths are available upon request. Installation of a variable number of middle modules determines the length of the LTM. This enables parts to be transported up to a maximum length of almost 4 metres.

The low transported weight permits the installation of a relatively small motor that achieves a high level of drive using minimum power and consequently saves energy. Depending on the specific customer requirements, delivery time for the Linear Transport Module is between 10 and 12 weeks from receipt of order.
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