The space-saving alternative to a rotary indexing table

Are you looking for a precise solution for assembling small components? Should this solution be fast, reliable and compact? Then meet our new Linear Transport Module Horizontal, or LTM-H.

Built from standard components, the LTM-H can be specifically set up for any task. The components that have to be machined will be transfered quickly and directly from one workstation to the next. However, as opposed to a conventional rotary indexing table, our transport module is compact and user-friendly – even with its many stations. This allows a comparatively higher process density.

The LTM-H offers outstanding cycle times and an excellent flow of components. Depending on the infeed length, payload of the workpiece carriers and the position of the mass center of gravity, the new linear module can change workpiece carriers in as little as 0.3 seconds.

That allows more time for assembly at the individual stations, which, in turn, increases the parts output. The repeat accuracy in the running direction always remains steady at up to ± 0.05 millimeters. The standard version of the LTM-H is just 218 millimeters wide and leaves sufficient space for the required workstations – on top or next to the module. To meet any requirements, it is available in six different lengths from 720 to 3720 millimeters.

On both sides of the module, up to 31 workpiece carriers can be machined by workstations. The aluminum workpiece carriers are affixed to a high-performance toothed belt, which does not require retensioning. That minimizes the downtimes of the plant. Payloads of up to 1 kilogram per workpiece carrier are possible. The Linear Transport Module Horizontal is easily accessible from all sides. That means the components at the individual stations can not only be machined from above but also from below and from the side.

Not only the design of the LTM Horizontal is modular and flexible, but also its drive type. The open motor interface allows customer-specific gears, controls and motors to be installed.

Both the motor and the gear can be installed above and below the transport module –straight or angled.

When you combine the LTM-H with our feeding and handling technology, you will get an efficient and compact assembly solution from a single source.

Do you have additional questions about our transport module?

Then please contact your personal point of contact or check out the application video on our LTM-H product page.