The rapid, linear intermediate stop

Many are unaware of the intermediate stop for our CS and PS linear axes, despite it being so useful.
The intermediate stop is the ideal, cost-efficient option when on our compact and precision slides a third intermediary position is needed in addition to the end positions.

An intermediate stop for both stroke directions is available for the CS 16, CS 20 and CS 25 compact slides and the PS 16, PS 25 and PS 32 precision slides. The additional intermediate position can be applied on either the forward or backward stroke. Users can change the stopping direction to meet the respective requirements without the need for any special tools.

A retraction stroke is not required. The reason being that in comparison to similar applications, our patented intermediate stop swings away axially in the direction of travel. Essentially, it turns away and does not simply pull back linearly. This is gentle on the mechanism and allows continued operation without a retraction stroke.

Through installation onto the hole pitch on the red linear modules, the intermediate stop can be set for various positions across the entire stroke. This creates an additional and flexible third intermediate position while the slide still continues to move in the direction of travel.

Are you already using an Afag compact or precision slide and could do with a third intermediate position? No problem! Existing units can be easily retrofitted with an intermediate stop. The device is compact and designed to fit the linear module.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Minimum cycle times
  • Adjustable flexible intermediate position
  • Simple conversion from forward to backward stroke
  • No retraction stroke required

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