The battle against the virus

Afag is working in close cooperation with European and US technology providers in the battle against the coronavirus. Collaboration within the scope of one project involved the realization of a feeding technology solution for Covid-19 testing unit production systems. Not only was the four-lane feeding system urgently needed, it also had to meet strict quality requirements.

Afag combined its patented drive system technology with feeder bowls made from FDA-approved polyamide that can quietly, precisely and reliably feed bulk parts. The design incorporated standard feeding station components: feeder bowls, bowl and linear feeder drives as well as hoppers.

All in all, order to delivery of the vibrating conveyors took less than three weeks. “We are delighted that we were able to organize a customized solution so quickly,” said Klaus Bott, division manager at Afag Feeding Technology. “However, it’s certainly not something we’d like to face every week.”

Peter Vollmer, head of project engineering at Afag GmbH concurred, “It was only possible thanks to the excellent performance by the Afag team and a superb cooperative partnership with our American customer.”