NEW: Smart and adaptable - SGE-40-P-IOL

The Swiss automation specialist Afag presents a new electrical small parts gripper with integrated control. Users from the growth sectors of electronics manufacturing, medical technology, laboratory automation as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries will be interested in the SGE-40-P-IOL with food-compliant lubrication because it facilitates entry into the automation of delicate handling processes. The smart module grips fragile workpieces made of glass or ceramics and sensitive electronic components safely and reliably – and productively.

Highly flexible thanks to integrated control

The SGE-40-P-IOL control via IO-Link enables the pre-positioning of the gripper fingers, the setting of the gripping force, the evaluation of the gripper status including gripping direction and the setting of special gripping modes. Depending on the specific handling situation, users can set the gripping force in four steps to 100, 75, 50 or 25 percent, and thus adapt it to sensitive workpieces.

Users can also choose from two gripping modes and adjust them according to the handling task: The cycle-time-optimized FastGrip mode delivers speed and productivity. The maximum number of cycles per time unit – and thus a high power density – is achieved here. The compact design of the SGE-40-P-IOL favors fast-paced automation processes. Conversely, fragile and sensitive workpieces, such as those made of glass or ceramics in the laboratory and in the electronics industry, must be handled gently which is why users choose SoftGrip in such cases – the gripping mode with pulse reduction of the gripping force.

SGE-40-P-IOL recognizes the differences

The SGE-40-P-IOL brings a further increase in flexibility in the automation of handling because it can grip eight different workpieces. It ‘remembers’ the position, gripping force and gripping direction parameters of eight workpieces – workpiece 1 to workpiece 8 – from the respective workpiece number and retrieves the stored parameters during the gripping process.

The SGE-40-P-IOL is equipped with a backlash-free, pre-clamped cross roller guide that ensures precision and virtually constant force gripping over the entire permissible finger length. The compact design with an optimal fixing grid, which of course matches the Afag modular system, results in minimal gripper interfering contours; This makes it ideal for use in hygienically sensitive and easy-to-clean environments in the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, laboratory and electronics sectors.

The new SGE-40-P-IOL electrical parallel gripper with IO-Link technology and food-compliant lubrication is suitable for use in electronics manufacturing, medical technology, laboratory automation, as well as the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries.