New options for proven rotary modules

A new version has been added to the existing range of CR compact rotary modules. It is equipped with a centric rotary feed-through for compressed air and electric signals.

With its CR compact rotary modules, Afag created a series of modules that were already of a very high standard and boasted proven quality. Now, this module series is being expanded with the addition of a combined compressed air and electric feed-through that opens up completely new application options. These practical features are integrated into the new CR 16-D and CR 20-D module types. The energy feed-through allows the transfer of electric signals and compressed air. As a result, the components affixed to the flange, e.g. a gripper, can be supplied quickly and easily.

An integrated slip ring transmits six electric signals. In addition to the slip ring, the electric rotary feed-through also features four pneumatic lines. They allow the propulsion, and therefore the unimpeded swivel and rotary movements, of grippers or attached systems. There are no hoses or cables that can wrap around the axis. As a result, compressed air hoses and electrical lines can not be damaged by rotary movements and the products are ready for use longer. By turning the mounting base of the flange by 90 degrees at a time, the side for the hose and cable outlets can be freely chosen.

The side for pneumatic and electric connections can be freely chosen by rotating the feed-through unit by 90 degrees at a time. The option of screwing through the module (mounting from the top) is not affected.

The integrated pneumatic feed-throughs ensure a high airflow and the gold-coated slip ring contacts supply the gripper or the tool with electricity. The six electrical feed-throughs are designed for signals of 1 ampere/24 volts and the four pneumatic feed-throughs (M5 connections) for 6 bar. Four pneumatic feed-throughs each are mounted axially as well as radially to the flange. The flange hole patterns of all CR-D types are identical to the rotary modules of the CR series, which means that older models can be replaced easily.

The angle of rotation of all CR-D types is 0-180 degrees. The minimum swivel time at 180 degrees of the CR 16-D is 0.27 seconds and that of the CR 20-D is 0.35 seconds. The CR 16-D rotary model weighs 1 kilograms and the CR 20-D weighs 1.9 kilograms.

In addition, both new product variants are optionally available with one or two intermediate stops (CR 16-ZA-D and CR 20-ZA-D), which allows them to also move to additional swivel positions.

If you want to know more about the new characteristics of the rotary modules or if you have general questions, please get in touch with your respective contact person.