New HLF50-M linear feeder

The benefits of HLF linear feeders from technology leader Afag have been proven for years and continue to be unique in the feeding technology sector.

By adding the new HLF50-M linear feeder to its HLF series, Afag supplements its linear feeder range with a true performance heavyweight.

The new HLF50-M can power feed rails with an ideal rail length of 700 mm and a rail weight of 5 kg. This makes it well-suited for many feeding applications, regardless of whether long distances have to be overcome or heavy parts need to be transported ... or both.

Even at this size, thanks to the proven and internationally patented coupled counter-vibration principle that has already served its “little brothers,” the vibrations affecting the base and machine are practically eliminated. The transitions between vibration feeder drives from Afag continue to be highly precise and feature very narrow gaps.

Thanks to the fixed screw connection option of HLF linear feeders, the HLF50-M offers every advantage of the HLF series with regard to the maintenance and upkeep of the feeding system.

An HLF50-M can be operated with the popular IRG1-S and Siga control units from Afag and is therefore a perfect fit for the Afag feeding technology product range.

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