New addition to the programme

Afag's series of ES electric slides has grown! Please join us in welcoming the extremely lightweight ES8 and ES12 electric slides to our expanded product range. Just like the ES20 and ES30 variations, both of these new additions feature freely-programmable stopping positions. Just like the larger models, they feature modular designs and their low-wear structures ensure a long service life.


While the larger ES20 and ES30 electric slides are suitable for quick, flexible X-Y-Z pick & place applications with long strokes, the smaller ES8 and ES12 versions impress with higher speeds and smaller strokes. And they are highly energy and cost-efficient at the same time!


The ES8 is the smallest compact electric slide of its kind. It accelerates at up to 207 m/s2 and reaches its maximum speed extremely quickly as a result. It is now available in a 15 mm and 40 mm stroke version. The ES12 electric slide is available with 20 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm strokes.