Interview with Peter Gerber, development engineer at Afag

Editor: Peter, you are working as a development engineer at Afag and you are a committed competitive athlete in your free time - do you see parallels between competitive sports and development?

Peter: Interesting question. Two very different disciplines and yet I think there are parallels. A product development process could be compared to an extreme triathlon. Both are really exhausting and in the end you are proud of the result but also exhausted. 

Peter: But seriously; Both disciplines require good preparation, perseverance and in difficult phases you have to concentrate, not lose sight of the goal, you have to motivate yourself and you need the necessary power. In difficult phases, it helps to remove the complexity, i.e. to focus on the next milestone, and this can indeed also be used at work.In this respect, sport is not only a balance to everyday life for me, but also helps me in my job, e.g. There are phases where challenges have to be mastered. Then I can benefit from my experience in ultra runs and know how to master difficult project phases.

Editor: Your next challenges professionally and in competition?

Peter: Professionally, I'm in the middle of a very interesting project, the development of a smart rotary module, which is about to be launched on the market. The next competition is in mid-August, the “Tortour” 1000 km non-stop around Switzerland. I'm looking forward to both.

Editor: Thank you very much for the insights and we wish you continued success professionally and in sports.

Peter Gerber