Fast and flexible feeding

Parts such as zipper teeth, wire rings or electronic components are increasingly becoming smaller and more compact and also lighter. To feed these components as efficiently as possible, in spite of ever-decreasing product lifecycles, flexible feeding units, such as the aflex from Afag, are needed. Aflex is well-suited for nearly all part geometries. Thanks to the innovative 3-axis vibration technology, transported materials can be "flipped" vertically and also be distributed in all directions horizontally.


The new aflex 150 qc model consists of an improved aflex-qc base unit, a quick-changing conveyor sheet and a modularly built control. The aflex 150 qc now offers the option of changing the conveyor sheet quickly and without a tooling plate. A standard controller consists of a control unit and 2 driver modules (control of the aflex via digital I/O) can be optionally expanded to profibus or, as a new option, to EtherCAT.

These new features make aflex even more flexible with regard to application and integration options. Installed in a flexible feeding system, the aflex 150 qc is able to optimally make the individual components, which are supposed to be manipulated on the conveyor sheet as bulk material, available for further processing by combining a vision system with a handling system. Furthermore, when used in combination with an Afag refill hopper, a high parts autonomy can be achieved.


Advantages at a glance:

  • FLEXIBILITY – Diverse application possibilities and the shortest retrofitting times thanks to the new toolless quick-change system of the conveyor sheet
  • SIMPLICITY – Simplified installation and commissioning thanks to technical improvements to the basic device and user interface
  • COMPATIBILITY – Countless integration possibilities thanks to modular concept and conventional BUS interfaces


More information about the new aflex 150 qc can be found here!