Electric slide series ES is now complete

Our electric linear modules facilitate flexible positioning and sophisticated measurement. The key elements for these are the electric slides. We have now supplemented the series, and can therefore provide suitable electric slides for practically any application. Do you want to know what we are offering? Learn more:


The extremely lightweight ES8 and ES12 electric slides from our product range are particularly suited to low weights and short strokes. The ES20 and ES30 models are used for medium applications. The stopping positions of the slides can be freely programmed. Furthermore, they also have a modular design, just like the larger models. The low-wear design guarantees a long service life.


As the user, you will reap several benefits. Amongst other things, these include the freely programmable stroke length of 0 to 100 mm, an accuracy of +/- 0.002 mm as well as the extremely slender structure with a module height of 16 mm for the ES8, and 25 mm for the ES12. Additionally, there is also the single-cable connection without sensor cable and without shock absorbers. What's more, the electric slides run very quietly. In the long term, solutions provided by Afag lead to reduced energy consumption. The required maintenance work is also significantly reduced, while the process accuracy is further optimized.


A brand new supplement to our range is an electric linear axis for large weights and long strokes. The powerful, torsionally-rigid gantry axis impresses with its dynamics. Customers may select between two different designs: The ES40 electric slide for peak forces of up to 550 Newtons, and the ES40-HP version for high peak forces of up to 1024 Newtons at a structural width of only 80 mm. The repeat accuracy of both models is +/- 0.05 mm. We also provide an external path measuring system as an accessory. A repeat accuracy of +/- 0.01 mm is achieved with this external path measuring system. The linear axis with the new electric slide is suitable for strokes between 0 and 500 mm. The drive is effected via an electric linear motor. As the customer, you benefit from particularly straightforward system maintenance and very short order times: All stroke lengths and module types are available from stock