Clean room systems from a single source

Clean rooms are defined as demarcated areas in which the concentration of airborne particles is kept very low. The flow, humidity and pressure of the air, as well as the room temperature, are therefore strictly regulated.
However, you may be wondering what clean rooms have to do with Afag's feeding technology solutions.


Well, the clean room feeding systems from Afag are verified for suitability in clean rooms in accordance with ISO class 7. These feeding systems are primarily used for food processing, medical technology as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetics production. The use of low-wear materials guarantees hygiene and sterility, while also allowing for long-term, reliable application. For instance, the feeding system conveyor pots are made from FDA polyamide and aluminium or stainless steel materials which are compliant with the strict hygiene specifications of ISO class 7.

In order to be able to easily clean such a complex clean room feeding system, it is manufactured exclusively according to the construction standards for medical technology applications. Each clean room feeding system also comes with a material certificate confirming the medical suitability of the materials used.
However, that is not all. Along with its wide range of electrical handling components and systems, Afag also provides the right solution for multiple parts supply in the clean room. Therefore, we will supply you with a complete, customised solution for your clean room.

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