5-fold electrical rotary feed-through

With the new electric rotational axis RA-40, Afag is introducing a solution that allows unlimited rotational movement and simultaneous electrical gripper control. The proven SE20 rotational axis technology has been supplemented with the electrical rotary feed-through for the RA-40. The obvious advantage of this design is that no cables or hoses have to be moved. The electrical rotary feed-through includes five independent feed-throughs with a permissible peak current of 2 A each.

In addition to the electrical rotary feed-through, the RA-40 is also available to order featuring a fluid rotary feed-through. The fluid feed-through is available in two different expansion stages: double, or quadruple upon request.

The backlash-free Harmonic Drive gearing ensures particularly high rotational axis repeat accuracies. With a gearing ratio of 30:1, users can achieve a maximum speed of 280 rpm. For applications that require extra torque, the 50:1 gearing ratio achieves a peak torque of 4 Nm. This is achieved with an inherent weight of just 690 g.
As a result of the new, angular design, users can fix the axis directly to the standard Afag attachment grid. Adapter plates, which were previously required for attachment, can thereby be saved. This reduces the moved mass and makes the system quicker. The width of the module is merely a compact 41 mm. This means improved cycle times and greater customer benefit – in particular if it is used as a C-axis for handling systems.

For increased accuracy, the direct position output to vision systems as well as for applications with safely reduced speeds, an additional encoder in the axis is available as an option.
Both pneumatically and electrically driven grippers can be supplied via the RA-40

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